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I’ve been in such a summery mood lately; I can’t help but keep exploring to these amazing tropical places! Seychelles is an island country off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and forms an archipelago of 115 islands. These islands were first settled by the famous Vasco da Gama in 1502 and were often used by traders between Europe, Africa and Asia. Now let’s look at some amazing places you can visit while in Seychelles!

Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles and contains the nation’s capital city, Victoria. On this island, you can find the Victoria Clocktower, also called Lorloz by locals. The Lorloz is an elegant replica of the clock that stood in London, England at the junction of Victoria Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road. This one in Seychelles was erected in 1903 after the country became a British colony in 1812 and still serves as a major national monument. This is probably the most popular attraction in Seychelles since it does accommodate to 90 percent of the population of the whole country.

Another national monument and perhaps a natural wonder is the sight you will see at the L’Union Estate on La Digue Island. This giant granite boulder (it sounds weird, but keep reading), formed by cooling magma deep within the earth’s crust around 750 million years ago, is a spectacular tourist attraction to visit. A sculpture formed by various forces of nature over millions of years, the shapes and large crystals embedded in the boulder will mesmerize you. On La Digue Island, you can also visit the Barbara Jensen Art Studio, who is a local artist that displays various styles of paintings.

The most interesting and unique thing that you will notice when visiting is that Seychelles is home to some of the rarest forms of flora and fauna (plants and wildlife) in the world. The country prides itself of having the record for far sighted conservation policies. On these islands, you’ll find some of the most exotic and wondrous species, including the smallest frog, the largest tortoise, the jellyfish tree, and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean.

You most definitely won’t have a boring moment visiting Seychelles Islands! It’s really no wonder that it’s a huge destination for honeymooners. If you want to find out more about the islands, visit their website at: http://www.seychelles.travel/en/home/index.php

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