Monday, August 1, 2011

Cancun, Mexico

¡Buenas días, amigos! I think this may be the longest time you’ve had to wait for a new blog post, I’m so sorry! I’ve been extremely busy with summer work and everything else. Anyway, let’s get straight to it. Today we’ll be traveling to Cancún, Mexico. Cancun is located on the southern tip of Mexico, and is known as a city of international tourism. The city geographically shows the number 7 and in the light portrays a golden serpent, hence its name from the Mayan translation, meaning “enchanted snake.”

Once a Mayan settlement, Cancun is still home to a vestige called El Rey. Although extremely small, it is located in the “Hotel Zone” and is rather easy to get to. If you’re looking to get a better experience of the Ancient Mayan ruins though, you can visit El Meco, a much more substantial historical site, located just outside the city.

In downtown Cancun, you can visit Plaza de Toros to see bullfights! Yes, while bullfighting is more famously known in Spain, you can also enjoy them in Mexico. This entertainment has taken its place in Cancun’s culture as much as tequila has.

Being in Cancun, you obviously cannot miss the beautiful beaches. Cancun has been and still is one of the top destinations for college spring breaks and there are surely many reasons why. These beaches offer many aquatic activities such as parasailing, diving, boating excursions, and Jet Ski jungle tours.

This is perhaps the most interesting place I noticed when checking out Cancun: The National Marine Park. This is one of the largest underwater museums on the planet and the first underwater sculpture park with over 400 life-size sculptures ranging from nine to twenty feet deep in the Mexican Caribbean. English artist Jason deCaires Taylor is the mastermind behind the project, showing how the Mayan people have evolved throughout the years in the “Silent Evolution.” The best part of this is that the sculptures were naturally designed to become artificial reefs and were constructed to promote marine life. Amazing, isn’t it?

Cancun is most definitely one city with tons of history, things to do, and not to mention amazing tropical weather! Plan your next trip to Cancun, I don’t think you’ll regret it one bit.

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