Friday, August 5, 2011

Faroe Islands

Even though this place that I want to write about today is extremely small, it can’t be overlooked for its beauty and majestic scenery. Faroe Islands, located in between Iceland and Norway in the Norwegian Sea, are a self-governing territory belonging to Denmark. Although it’s very much north, the Gulf Stream gives the islands a comfortable climate.

This place just absolutely mesmerized me: mountainous and tranquil, it looks like heaven on earth. Even though the islands look as if they are hard to get to, they are surprisingly easily accessible, thanks to their new technological revamping in the past several years. Check out these pictures:

You can explore the islands and their natural beauty by walking through trails or renting a car to drive through these cozy, picturesque towns. If you’re into outdoorsy activities, you can also try out the islands’ amazing hiking and bike trails.

The Faroe Islands also love to hold regional festivals year round in towns like Klaksvík, Hvalvík, or Vági. These festivals vary from music and cultural to even sail ships. There’s always something to be captivated by on these islands, whether it be the culture, the people, or just the views all around you. Go check out more about Faroe Islands at

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