Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gardner, Massachusetts, USA

For my first blog, I could think of no better place than which I am an expert at: my hometown Gardner, Massachusetts, USA. I have been living here since I was nine years old and although it has lost its touch in many ways, it still holds a dear place in my heart. Gardner, better known as G-Vegas or Gahdnah hey by locals, is located in central Massachusetts, about an hour drive west from Boston. The population of this city is currently around 21,000 people and should be considered a town, yet it never lost the city nametag for its exploding population in the early 1900s. Gardner has a rich history behind it that most locals are very proud of.

Gardner, for a long time, was called The Chair City of the World for its history of chair production. In the late 1800s to early 1900s, Gardner was home to twenty chair factories that produced over 4 million chairs per year.

That being said, the most unique monument still standing in Gardner is the “Big Chair.” The giant is a whopping 20 feet 7-inches tall and you definitely cannot miss it while driving up Elm Street. Gardner started and participated in a war of Who-Can-Build-A-Bigger-Chair and sadly was defeated in 1996 when Anniston, Alabama created a 30-footer office chair. Although it may no longer be the biggest chair in the world, it certainly is a sight to check out!

Gardner is also home to Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner Municipal Golf Course, and the home of Lucy Stone, a women’s rights activist during the Temperance Movement. The city is most beautiful in the fall for its foliage rides and while checking out the Big Chair, you can take a drive downtown to the Gardner Ale House for a bite to eat for its delicious sandwiches, pasta dishes and of course, the beer.

Restaurants You Can Visit While Visiting Gardner:

  • Gardner Ale House
    • http://www.gardnerale.com/
  • Blue Moon Diner
    • http://www.bluemoondinergardnerma.com/
  • Gabby's Place
  • Williams
    • http://www.williamsrestaurantandtavern.com/

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