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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia, formerly known as Petrograd then Leningrad during the 1900s, is the second largest city in Russia. It is located in western Russia and was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. The city is home to 4.6 million people and is the northernmost city with more than 1 million inhabitants.

Saint Petersburg is such a unique beauty because it embraces European culture yet has its own characteristics that they can call their own. Check out what makes this city so amazing!

Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world and displays than 3 million items. It is home to the largest collection of paintings in the world, thanks to the museum’s founder, Empress Catherine the Great, in 1764. Not only are there a lot of exhibits to see, you’ll be in awe by the intricate d├ęcor of the building itself.

Peterhof Palace

Doesn't this remind you of Alice in Wonderland?

Can you believe how beautiful this place is? The Peterhof Palace, once the residence of Peter the Great, was built on his orders around 1705. It is sometimes referred as the “Russian Versailles” and while the grand palace itself is not a huge building, it certainly deserves attention for its uniqueness. The Peterhof is comprised of approximately thirty rooms and much of the structure, including its gardens, was modeled after Chateau de Marly, Louis XIV’s palace in France. Even at 300 years old, the place has been restored perfectly!

This city is so beautiful I’m sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with it if you ever get a chance to visit. The Hermitage and Peterhof aren’t the only awesome places in Saint Petersburg. You can check out their website at

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