Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Get ready for a thrill…I’m coming back to the US to talk about this amazingly unique place you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio is truly a record-breaking beauty. On the shore of Lake Erie, this park has more rides than any other amusement park in the WORLD (with 75 rides) and is the only park with 4 roller coasters that are taller than 200 feet. Cedar Point opened in 1870 and is the third oldest amusement park in North America.

Just check out these crazy coasters! The Corkscrew will take you through the middle of the park and take you upside down three times while the Top Thrill Dragster will take you at a whopping 120mph! The Wicked Twister will take you forward, backward then forward again in a twist! These rides are just three out of SEVENTEEN counted roller coasters that I saw on the site, but there are also other rides like Max Air which you can also grab some thrill from.

Cedar Point also has a mile long beach, an outdoor water park and an indoor water park. Because the park is so huge, you probably can’t get through all of it in one day. Therefore, the park also manages several hotels, lodges and marinas around it. Don’t forget there’s also lots of fried foods to enjoy while at the park like Cheese-on-a-Stick and French Fries, but if you’re up for a healthier option, there are restaurants right aside the park such as Tomo Hibachi and Bay Harbor.

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