Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Algorrobo, Chile

I’ll be writing this blog post by request from a good old friend of mine. Thanks Jon!

Algorrobo is located on the central coast of Chile and is a popular summer location for the people of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Although the city itself is relatively rural and only has around 8,000 people, it’s got a jewel you just cannot miss.

The San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Algorrobo has an incredible pool called the Saltwater Lagoon. It is widely known as the largest and deepest swimming pool in the world. The pool is 1,000 meters (about 0.6 miles) long and gets up to 35 meters (115 feet) deep.

The pool is maintained and set to have fresh saltwater coming in from the ocean right next to the pool and give off a beautiful turquoise color. The pool is also kept at 26oC (78.8oF) and achieves the atmosphere of a Caribbean beach on the Chilean coast. The pool is so large, taking up about 190 acres of land, it took the workers over 6 days just to fill the pool with water!

The lagoon also has private white sand beaches that visitors can enjoy and relax in peace. On these beaches, the sand is heated and beaches are roofed to maximize comfort of those staying at the resort. So you’re probably asking from looking at the pictures: why is this necessary right on a beach? The water of the ocean on the coast which the pool is located is extremely cold and the waves are harsh and large, making it almost impossible to relax and swim in.

Because the pool is so large and gets deeper than any other pool in the world, visitors can not only swim but sail in the pool. If you ever get a chance to visit Chile and want an adventure, be sure to visit Algorrobo to see the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort!

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