Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Things, Australia

Today I’m not covering just a city, but a whole country! These places are loosely related and are incredibly unique. Remember my first blog about the Big Chair in Gardner? In Australia, there are over 150 “Big Things” you can visit!

This phenomenon all began in 1963 with the Big Scotsman, followed by the Big Banana in 1964. Since then, towns left and right in the country have been building big statues. Some interesting things found in Australia are an orange, a boxing crocodile, a PLAYABLE guitar, an olive and my personal favorite: the Big Penguin (I’m somewhat obsessed with penguins).

Check out these awesome pictures!

Every big thing has its own unique story to it. For example, the “Big Cigar” was built to represent Winston Churchill’s cigar and is located in Churchill, a town named after the British Prime Minister.

These big things were first made as traps to attract tourists along major roads between major destinations in Australia. Sometimes the big things are used as an excuse for a road trip for Australians. What’s your favorite “Big Thing”?

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