Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cities with Most Billionaires

Memorial Day Weekend was a busy, BUSY weekend filled with exciting events! On Monday, I even got to go to a Red Sox game with my friends from home. On this blog post, I decided to take a little different approach and put a new twist by not only naming off one unique place, but something else. I was catching up on some current events on Yahoo news and came across this article: Cities with the Most Billionaires (This also reminded me of that Bruno Mars song).

I’ll name off the top 5 cities in descending order:

1. Moscow
The capital of Russia wins the race with a whopping 79

2. New York
The Big Apple comes in second with 59 billionaires,
including Ralph Lauren, Donald Trump, and
Michael Bloomberg.

3. London
With 41 billionaires, the British capital finished off third this

4. Hong Kong
This Chinese city came so close to London with 40
billionaires, including Angela Leong and Li Ka-shing.

5. Istanbul
Remember my earlier post on Istanbul? This Turkish city
finished fifth in the competition with 36 billionaires.

This article made my jaw drop…79 billionaires in one city?? That’s just outrageous! It really inspired me that it is possible to strike it that rich. Hope you enjoyed this little twist! What did you think?

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