Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you’re planning a trip to Europe this summer, you’ll want to make a stop by this beauteous wonder: Gibraltar. A territory of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar has a huge history and offers many sights worth visiting. There’s so much to do in Gibraltar, from castle ruins to shopping centers. Even with its extremely small size, it would take a whole week to see everything! Here are some of the awesome and unique places you can’t miss while in Gibraltar.

St. Michael’s Cave is a series of caves made of limestone and are found on the Rock of Gibraltar. It was long ago known to be bottomless and was the subject of many Gibraltar’s legends. One of these legends told that the cave was one end of a subterranean nature that moved more than 15 miles long and that Barbary Apes, or Gibraltar Monkeys entered Gibraltar from Morocco from this passage long, long ago. Another legend tells that the Rock of Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules, was the cave was thought to be the Gateway to Hades, or Hell where the dead of the Underworld rested. St. Michael’s cave has been explored by many and now serves as a tourist attraction. Its largest chamber, called the Cathedral Cave, holds an auditorium that seats 100 people. It holds many concerts, light shows, and Miss Gibraltar beauty pageants. The cave attracts more than a million visitors per year so go check it out today because admission is only about ₤8.00. What a bargain for some amazing sightseeing!

If you’re in for some exercise in Gibraltar and you love to hike, you can challenge yourself to hike the Mediterranean Steps. While they are simply stairs made of limestone, its extreme height and length up to the top are not for the faint-hearted. During your trek, you’ll be awed by the breathtaking views afar and the nature within. However, if you hate stairs (like I do) but you’d still like to get up to the top of the steps, cable car rides are available! Whether you want to climb the stairs or float right over them, you’ll love the view of the Mediterranean Steps.

So check out Gibraltar, it’s really got something for the whole family! I think it’ll be so worth the trip to see all the amazing natural wonders and unique places.

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