Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sri Lanka

Since my last post was about a colder region, I decided to go a little bit around the world to somewhere warmer. Sri Lanka is a country right off the southeastern coast of India that is well known for its export of raw spices and goods. For its beauty, the country has rightfully earned the name "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean." Sri Lanka has over 3,000 years of written history, making it one of the oldest documented civilizations in the world. Let's look at some amazing places to visit while in Sri Lanka!

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. Attention elephant lovers, this is your dream come true! You get to interact with nearly 3,000 elephants bathing down at a river bank and with a small fee, you can feed them at lunchtime. Although this place has gotten mixed reviews from its visitors and has gotten criticized for holding elephants captive, the orphanage is certainly a place worth visiting while checking out Sri Lanka's attractions.

Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka is unique because it is considered sacred by four different religions. This mountain is also called the "Butterfly Mountain" because there are so many butterflies residing on top of the mountain. There is a strange footprint at the top of the mountain that is interpreted in four different ways by the four different religions. According to Buddhists, it is the footprint of Buddha that he left behind as he walked away from Adam's Bridge. Hindus believe it to be the footprint of Lord Shiva. Christians believe it was the footprint of Saint Thomas. Lastly, Muslims believe the footprint was left by Adam himself. If you're up for the climb up the mountain, you can go see this footprint for yourself, which is protected by a Buddhist temple around it.

If you’re looking for more relaxing instead, you can visit some of the beaches in Sri Lanka. There are beaches spread along more than 1,000km of the coast and are absolutely gorgeous. Some of the most famous beaches in the country are Negombo, Hikkaduwa, and Beruwala.

From what we’ve explored in Sri Lanka, I think this place is unique enough for a visit some time, what do you think?

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